Marxist Politics and Strategy Stream – Looking for a New Strategy During Weary Times

It has been most exhaustive to dwell in the interregnum of our time. We seek to establish a way out of it and what we know so far is that our salvation can only be possible by our own activity. So, we call our friends to co-investigate the strategy that can give an edge to our activities to surmount the capitalistic societies which are experiencing the crisis of being undone. We demand your contribution to shape our strategy against the capitalistic class that has equipped new ways of subordination/exploitation and the ability to create new kind of subjectivities. We invite you to discuss our experiences and projections on fighting for a new world in an age where any kind of collective capacities are held from flourishing.

We welcome presentations and panel proposals that contribute to the discussions such as:

Reevaluation of the strategies of the past

Re-acquiring our collective capacities in order to create a new world: Solidarity economies, Cooperations etc.

Thinking the questions of organizing, acting and theorizing questions together

The potential of radicalizing the commons, communing processes and councils.