Marxism and Ecology Stream – Dimensions of Ecological Crisis and Resistance Strategies

It is not an exaggeration to say that the global ecological crisis constitutes the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. The nature of the response to this crisis in the present century will be the most important determinant of the course of humanity and the life on Earth. In this context, the need for a radical ecological revolution that will provide a solution to the global ecological crisis is increasingly being voiced by various actors. Major social insurrections around issues such as garbage, waste, access to water and food sovereignty have been organized around globe. At the same time, we witness the rise of right-wing populist policies that promise continuity of access by local populations to the national resources. Authoritarian regimes also instrumentalize the consequences of ecological crises to empower themselves. In this stream, we will examine how the ecological crisis manifests itself and with what consequences around the globe socially, economically and politically. We also examine the responses of different actors against the crisis throughout the globe. We welcome presentations and panel proposals that contribute to the answers of such questions: What are the dimensions of ecological crisis? Is green capitalism possible? What should be done to overcome the crisis? What are the different experiences of global social movements? How and what can we learn from each other to fight against the ecological crisis?